Against Obstables for 3 Drops of Happiness

As MND Gida Family we have participated in the 3 Drops of Happiness Picnic organized in 23rd May. The picnic hosted by Mrs. Vahide Cakir, the presenter of the Radio Program called as the 3 Drops of Happiness broadcasted by TRT Euroasia has been organized this year at the Ankara Wonderland for the 4th time. The radio program which is named after the salk vaccine administered as 3 drops, establishes a bridge between the handicapped individuals and benefactors and the picnic organization which is organized every year aims to turn prejudgments to awareness. As MND Gida, we are extremely happy to be a part of this special day.

The day which aims to move the handicapped people and their families from the stressful moments of daily life, has begun with dance shows and live music performances. The smiles on the faces of our handicapped children have warmed hearts of all in organization which has continued with clown and animation shows. In the organization which has been supported by the speeches of Mr. Umut Cinar the President of the World Ageing Foundation and the subject matter experts; we have all become self-aware about alienation behavior directed to handicapped people and improved our empathy. We have flavored this unforgettable day with the breakfast and picnic products of our Famous Lokman brand in the booths where Simitci Dunyasi was also taking place. We have shown that we do not stop ay nothing while living together and we have said “no” all together to the alienation of handicapped people.

3 Drops of Happiness Picnic has left a mark in all our minds as a sweet memory. We wish that this organization becomes traditional and we are proud to become a part of such reliable social responsibility projects.