MND Gida from 1984 to Present

Our enterprise aiming to present the best and the highest quality from the capital of the country and savor to its consumers has begun its commercial journey in 1984 as Sehirli Ticaret. Sehirli Ticaret which has completed its corporation process through a young and dynamic approach keeping up with the development of growing Turkey, has taken its place in the sector with MND Gida brand.

MNG Gida, incorporates the brands such as Lokman, Arinur and Pasabey, sets its target to have the strength to compete in world breakfast food market as a Turkish brand without severing its ties with traditional values by the credit from its consumers.

MND Gida, attaching particular importance on human health and hygiene and adopting the principle of “Do not produce food which you cannot feed your children”, commits itself to raise the awareness of consumers for purchasing food by considering the production method, place and quality.

“The firm aims to have the strength to compete in the world market as a Turkish brand.”